1024px-The_North_Face_logo.svgThe North Face has been a respected brand in the adventure world for many years now. Started by Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth Klopp in San Francisco around 1968, the brand has become infamous with providing some of the best gear for the adventure seeker throughout the world. Providing everything from clothing to equipment (tents, backpacks, luggage and sleeping bags), this gear can be seen in almost all factions of the adventure world, and for good reason, it’s that good.

Recently, they released a new commercial (shown below). They commissioned a band called My Morning Jacket to record a version of Woody Guthrie’s This Land Is Your Land. It can be downloaded from the iTunes Music Store. Needless to say, this song really does embody the spirit of the adventurer, and the commercial itself, a fantastic view of people doing what they love best, exploring and adventuring.

Thanks to Outside Online for the heads up on this. I’ve made use of some of the information from this article as well as some information from Wikipedia.

I’ve always enjoyed a little bit of Mountain Biking on the side. It really is amazing how good some people can be though, and how fit you have to be in order to do some of the things that these people do. What are your thoughts on this video?

I found a really awesome video on my Facebook Newsfeed this morning and have decided that it is truly EPIC, and I thought that it would be an awesome idea to share it here.