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What can I say? I’m a fun loving, adventurous bike loving, rock climbing crazy person who’s got an amazing lust for life! I’ve always been very independent, even in my early years! As a child I was always out on my Bicycle with friends exploring the surrounding areas of the suburb we stayed in. We were always on some kind of adventure, be it stalking our friends or snake hunting or setting boobytraps for would be break-ins and, well, the usual things boys do when they’re young.

While in school I partook in activities like rifelry,  Debating, Public Speaking and Chess. Outside of school i spent my time horseback riding or windsurfing at our local dam. There really was always an adventure to be had somewhere along the line. Needless to say, I took every opportunity that came my way and it really was worth it. To this day I pride myself on knowing that I have no regrets. Everything I have done, be it good or bad, has made me who I am today.

When I left school I spent much of my time travelling around and working as a freelance designer, and later in the IT Industry. This has formed the basis of everything I do these days. It afforded me the opportunity to head off to the USofA to participate in a Summer Camp program at, what I would consider one of the most awesome experience of my lifetime. For 4 months of my life I lived as a councellor. 6 weeks while the kids were at camp and another few months partaking in pre and post camp activities for various organizations.

Amazing times were had there and amazing friends were made. Friendshipt that i will love and cherish for a lifetime to come. It really is amazing what you can learn from meeting people in a travellers environment. I learned a whole lot about myself and developed a keen interest in Spirituality.

I always say that one should remain as optimistic as you can because the only thing in your life that you have control over is your attitude. If you can control this then you really can go wherever you want in life, and accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed. Keep positive because it comes back to you… Simply put…. The law of attraction.

That’s about it for me. Have a look around my blog. It’s pretty much a place for me to speak my mind on hobbies, interests and issues that i find important, and also a place for like-minded people to come together and form a community.

Happy Travels!

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