Bikers three are we!


When i first got my bike, I was born into a community of one of the coolest experiences in the world. Man oh man, to be a biker. i’d dreamed about it for a few years but was unable to afford a bike at the time. Now, it’s a different story. i’ve been biking for just over a year now, and although i’m still pretty new to this amazing community of people who do it because they can and love it, I can now say that i’ve managed to play an influence on people who have finally decided to, not to be too much of a cliche, Join the club.


Tys and Reinier have been good friends of mine for a while now. We met while working together at CTU Training Solutions in Pretoria, and now, after a year of me rakking them, can bike together as well. It’s beena long time desire of mine to be able to call up my buddies and say… hey, Suit up, we’re heading out somewhere, and then, of course, ride off into the sunset and wherever the road takes us. It’s now beginning to feel more like a brotherhood than anything else, and it certainly feels that way. With a group of friends, each different, but each sharing the same interests, it just makes it so much more worth it.

Tys bought himself a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R750 earlier on this year, and i began to feel that my ragging had finally paid off, now it was up to Reinier to get a bike. I’ve had my 2001 Honda CBR-600 F4i for just over a year now, so i’m pretty cofortable with my bike these days, and have even ventured to take a superbike to places where only off-road bikes should go, abd she made it. my bike is amazing in the fact that she really has gotten me anywhere i need to go. Now, reinier finally has a bike. He ended up getting a 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R, and she really is a beaut!

Sunday started off at a parking lot close to where Reinier lives. By the time I had arrived, Tys was hard at work, getting Reinier comfortable with the beast that is now the love of his life. Reinier was doing well. I thought that it was time to get him onto the road, to really experience the bike, and get used to it all. Considering that Reinier’s never riden a bike, this was a brave move, but so worth it. We headed back to Reiniers place to get Tys’s bike. Then, off to thew streets.

After some messing about and my gloating that my bike’s still got better accelleration than Tys’s, although his has better top-end, we headed back to Tys’s place for a drink and to wait for Jan to join us. Shortly after this, we all decided to head off wherever the road would take us. Due to Reiniers newly found lifestyle, we decided that it wouldn’t be too far this time around. Just enough to get his taste buds tingling with desire.

Off we went, to fetch Jan’s kit, and to wax our bike chains, then gallevanting. Man, it was awesome. We spent some time on the Highway too, playing with one another as bikers do, and speeding past the cars. Through centurion, then back to a local bar near to Reinier’s place. Finally, we parted our seperate ways and now have an amazing experience to speak of.


Welcome to the club Dude!


  1. HI Bikers three, can you maybe help here:
    ek wil nou nie lastig wees nie ,maar ek het my GSXR1000 verkoop. Nou sit ek met my en vrou se bikers kid’s, Malene het haar kid eenkeer aan getrek en saam met my op die N17 gaan ry en nooit weer nie, dis nog splunter nuut. Ek het net my helmet en lethers gebruik.Is daar meskien iemand wat sal belagstel. Die prys wat ek vra is eintlik net vir die leathers , dan is dit nie eers die prys wat ek betaal het nie. Al die ander goed kry hy veniet.

    PRYS : R4,250.00
    Frans 0736214713

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