Was browsing around on Facebook this evening and I stumbled across this group about dating climbers. Considering that I’m an AVID climbing fanatic I found it extremely funny, and in many cases VERY true… Though’t I’d share… 🙂

01) we use protection
02) we are flexible
03) we keep going when it hurts
04) we like like it on top
05) we will grab them big or small
06) we take it in every position
07) we dont mind getting dirty!
08) we like it hard
09) we have perfect technique
10) We grunt when the action heats up.
11) We are good with our hands
12) we know how to use our hips
13) not scared to do it for an audience
14) We dont quit
15) We arent scared of anything
16) We move anyways you want us to
17) We like tight clothing / almost no clothing
18) We like making people scream and yell
19) we have good technique even when tired
20) we have amazing bodies
21) we have big jugs
22) (for girls) even your slopers are always firm
23) we’re cool with fist jams
24) we think friction is a good thing
25) our average rope is 50 meters long
26) our girls are like ‘biners….they don’t get mad
27) if you don’t kiss them after you finish.
28) We’re used to being overhung.
29) experts at stabbing pockets
30) fist jams…yeah, we invented those
31) used to juggling nuts
32) always end up going down.
33) know how to rest then go at it again.
34) dont mind doing it against a wall
35) we always top out
36) we have huge racks…
37) we love wet cracks…
38) we swap leads…
39) We know a knot for every situation.
40) We already own harnesses and rope.
41) When our hands are busy we use our mouths.
42) We are okay with having more than one partner.
43) We make sure everyone we are with gets on top.
44) We never stop before the climax.
45) Oh, and we are great at sex.