Hi all…

Compliments of the season and hope that you all have a fantastic 2014.

I’ve recently had to move my blog over to a new Hosting Company, so I’ve decided that a new face lift is in order for The Mad Traveller.

Currently, I have managed to restore all my Blog Posts and your comments to the new site, and will be working on a new look and feel over the coming weeks.

I’ll keep you all updated as time goes by, and hope to have the new theme applied as soon as possible.

Happy Travels!

Earthdance Logo

We are all connected. Humanity is an interdependent web joined together by the planet we share, the air we breathe, the collective unconsciousness, technology and human networks.

We live in cities and villages, in the cold north and the warm south, in forests, savannahs, by the ocean and on top of the hills. We are closer than we think.

In the 1960s, Stanley Milgram conducted the Small World Experiment showing that each of us is connected to everyone else by short social networks. This is the Six Degrees of Separation. At Earthdance, we bring together thousands of people across the world and harness music, dance, technology, prayer, education and people power for peace, sustainable culture and humanitarian aims. Think of it as the Six Degrees of Global Unity.


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Well… What can i say?

The Mad Traveller has been something that i’ve been working on for a very long time. It’s gone through some interesting changes along the way and it finally is what it is today… my personal blog… which was the original idea back in 2005 before I went overseas for the first time! Originally it was to be called Shaun’s Travels… which never really happened in time for my travel. While in the USA a friend of mine and I were sitting around a camp fire in the ‘not-most-sobre-of-states’ with a crowd of people we’d never met before and, after a long hard day of running a camp for them, we came up with the name ‘The Mad Traveller’, which has kinda stuck since then I really like the name alot.

Anywho… From there it was decided that it should be a community site for like-minded travellers who like to do things a little differently (hence the name). I still like that idea and definately plan to build that aspect into this site because i’m fanatical about travelling, but until that’s ready to go it’s going to be my personal blog.

Relating to everything from Adventure to Travel to Spirituality (and some of my interests thrown in to boot), i’d like people to come here for information on these most important aspects of life (The Spirituality and Adventure). They really are fundamentals of life and one certainly can’t live without them at all.

As time goes by (and as time allows) I’d like to add a forum to the site. This will enable communication between like-minded people who love life and travel and all the rest. From there, who knows where it’ll go. Obviously, if you feel there’s something i’m missing then please feel free to let me know about it (I do have a contact page).

Happy adventures!