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We have all no doubt seen this often used advertising slogan splashed across the world media, but do we ever stop to think about it. In this opening article I will introduce you to the main theme of my essays, as well as the style in which they will be written.

It is often said that the root of all evil is money, but this is just humanity shifting the blame. I feel that what lies at the root of all social, economic, environmental and spiritual problems facing the world today, is our loss of connection.

We do not feel connected to the natural world which we are a part of and we have most definitely lost our connection to our fellow man. Some might say that this split occurred as Homo sapiens became fully self-aware and thus was part of a natural evolutionary process. This works as an explanation, but it does not suffice as an excuse for what has occurred as a result of our detachment. Our disconnection from the planet has led us to become the perpetrators of environmental catastrophes. Species extinctions, clogging the atmosphere with our pollutants and huge losses of biodiversity as our cities spread across the earths’ surface. The loss of connection with our fellow human is plain to see.

There has not been long lasting peace on this planet for thousands of years. Wars may be waged with religious, political or social motivations. They are wars nonetheless; however we try to hide them. Only one word could describe our current situation: lost. Disconnected from the reality which we continue to create.

Although you may not believe it at this stage, I am an eternal optimist. I see the light at the end of this tunnel, and as I write it draws nearer and brighter.

That light is our return to connection.

To me it is evident everywhere, and indeed if you are reading this then possibly it has found you too. This is the theme I wish to explore in this series of articles. They are based on talks I gave last year as part of a meditation course and seek to highlight the parallels and similarities which exist across different religions/philosophies/schools of spirituality. Starting from the level of the individual, the only place one can start with spiritual growth, and moving up to manifest these ideas in communities-the human community. This connection which the major religions do not see, and yet to some it is the same underlying principle of all of them. Our technological advancements together with religious separation are what seem to have isolated us from everything. We thus must work back through these causes, never denying their existence, but instead attempting to explain how and why they, together with the movement into consciousness and away from the sub-conscious realm, have created this disconnection.

It’s strange that all of us feel this separation, even if only subconsciously, and strive to close the gap. We seek relationships with peers or lovers as a means of connection. We continually travel in search of “ourselves”. We join chat rooms on the internet in an attempt to connect to complete strangers. Our political parties promote environmentalism as a means to re-establish our bonds with the planet, and anti-war protests clog the streets of many major cities.

This quest for connection however, is not a new one. The sages and mystics of millennia passed strove for this goal alone. The search for divine connection has permeated all things throughout human history. It may even be the unspoken mission of our scientists, becoming all the more obvious with the developments of quantum physics and new fields such as neurotheology. We find ourselves returning to an ancient and long forgotten mission at what is an extremely influential time for humanity.

I will draw on personal experiences together with research in these articles, as any spiritual journey is a personal one. The topics will include shamanism, Buddhism, quantum physics, Reiki healing and many others. Certain essays may deal with descriptions of these disciplines while others will concern topics inherent in all of them. I welcome feedback from readers and will also set up debate forums where we can exchange ideas. I will also outline visualization and meditation techniques used for increasing connection to the divine and our higher selves, the earth and our fellow human.

In my own life I have experienced an increased sense of peace and happiness, together with a growing confidence, as my connection to the earth and the divine has strengthened. I hope that you too may feel the same.

I will close with a quote from the current Dalai Lama: “Humanity must never deny the interconnectedness of all things.”

Yours in love and light


P.S. To those of you who don’t know me, I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. After high school I completed a B.S.c. degree in Zoology at the University of Cape Town. It was during this period, in 2002, that I began meditation and yoga, prompted by what one could only call an inner voice. I tempered this exploration with much research into different religions and forms of spirituality. I taught yoga to children in 2005 and last year helped out on a meditation course as mentioned in the essay. In 2005 I also learnt the art of Reiki healing and have since given many people Reiki treatments. I spent most of 2005-6 travelling and working in the U.S.A, United Kingdom, Cyprus and parts of South America. I am currently working for a safari company in Tanzania and am involved in camp management and conservation work.


  1. I had problems with practicing meditation up until recently. I kinda couldn’t focus. I think staying focused is the key and that’s why meditation doesn’t work for everyone. I found a relaxed little place for me in my house and that gave me the extra focus I needed. It’s great now!

    1. That’s awesome news!!!! I also had problems meditating, but now, i really do make more of an effort to practice it, and if possible, i try to practice outside… Helps a lot.

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